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Problem: Neck and finger pain
I work at a computer for long hours 5 days a week and over time have developed finger joint and neck pain. About 6 months ago I tried NIAVIN for the first time on the urging of a friend and it worked great. First I tried it on my hands as part of my morning routine and was so satisfied with it that I now use on my neck when the pain starts. So far the results have been wonderful. Thanks, I'm one very satisfied customer.
Gerald Conques - Lafayette, Louisiana

Problem: Back pain
I work in a coffee shop and do a lot of bending over. I couldn't bend more than about 10 degrees. My dad applied NIAVIN to the points shown in the diagram and within 10 minutes I was totally pain free and able to finish the remainder of my 6 hour shift. I recommend NIAVIN for back pain.
Rachael Parsons - La Mirada, CA

Problem: Knee pain
I own a landscaping and maintenance company. After a long week of work and a couple of hard games of racquetball, my knees really hurt. I apply NIAVIN to my knee and surrounding area and by the next morning I feel great. This is the only product that gives me fast results so I can get back to work and my life.
Vince Iannolo - Northridge, California

Problem: Arm and shoulder pain
Several years ago, I was involved in a bad trucking accident and severely injured my right forearm and wrist. My wrist was fused, but I was left with aggravating pains in my arm and shoulder. I was recently introduced to NIAVIN. Now, I'm doing great. I'm having less and less problems with the pain. My friends are freaking out on how I'm able to flex my fingers with ease, as well as doing things I have not been able to do after the wreck. When the weather is going to change (like the last 2 bad cold fronts we had come through), I feel it but it's no longer the "curled up in a little ball crying on the floor" pain it used to be... You have given me my life back. Thank you! I owe you big time, NIAVIN!
Dags Roy - Lafayette, Louisiana

Problem: Back Pains
I am an anesthesiologist and in this capacity would like to make the following comments on NIAVIN. 4 years ago, I had a 360 degree fusion of L3-S1 of my back. Recently, I fell and displaced L2 vertebra. Ever since, I suffer from pain in this area. Because of the duration for which I will have to use anti-inflammatory medication and subject myself to the side effects of these drugs, I decided to use NIAVIN. Today, I have to admit that the pain relief I experienced is mindboggling. Ever since, I have recommended NIAVIN to several of my patients with equal positive feedback.
Dr. Am Myburgh - Bloemfontein, South Africa

Problem: Neck and arm pain
I have had a pain in my neck going into my left arm for years. I tried over the counter pills and creams, none of which worked. My doctor prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants which made me drowsy. I tried chiropractic care 2-3 times per week. Then I tried NIAVIN TRIGGER POINT RELIEF and within 2 weeks, my pain was completely gone. This product really works! It's changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone who needs pain relief.
Samuel Landry - Los Angeles, California

Problem: Foot and back pain
Since the age of sixteen I have had arthritic pain in my lower back, due to an accident. Ten years ago I began having excruciating pain in my feet. Because of these two problems I was told to walk with a cane, which I did for three years. A year and a half ago I was introduced to NIAVIN and have been walking and working without the cane at all. It has made a huge improvement in my life as I am now 75 years of age and feel young again.
Ken Kendall - Las Vegas, Nevada

Problem: Arthritis shoulder and back pain
I was introduced to NIAVIN about a month ago. I had been to doctors who had diagnosed me with arthritis and I was told nothing could be done to assist me with the pain and stiffness. So I decided to apply NIAVIN. After the first application of NIAVIN there was a huge difference, total relief from the pain and more flexibility. My shoulder and back that had held me prisoner is now free of stiffness and pain.
Winkie I. Direko, former premier of the Free State Province and now National Parliament Member - Free State, South Africa

Problem: Arm and wrist pain
I work at a computer terminal all day processing claims and have pain in both wrists, forearms and hands, sometimes preventing me from doing my job. Since I have been using NIAVIN I am pain free and I'm able to work comfortably once again. This product is simply remarkable and easy to use.
Carey Chenevert - Dallas, Texas.

Problem: Mid-back pain
Recently, my doctor prescribed analgesics, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medication for a bad muscle pain in my mid back that was so severe I became disabled and unable to work. The prescribed medications had only minimal relief. Every time I took a breath the muscles would spasm, cause pain and consequently shortness of breath. Fortunately I found NIAVIN. The muscle pain in my back abated quickly and allowed me to return to work.
Tom Honkoski, PA-C, Los Angeles, Ca.

Problem: Leg pain
31 years ago I had a blood clot in my left leg, during my first pregnancy. During all my years of working as a radiographer and lots of standing with lead coats on, more and more damage was done to the drainage system of the leg. My leg hardened around my ankle due to fibrotic changes in the surrounding tissue and was constantly painful. Now my leg has improved almost 100 percent due the the regular use of NIAVIN. Most of the hardness in surrounding tissue has disappeared and my leg feels like a normal leg again when I touch it. I have been using NIAVIN for almost 9 months now. It's really a wonderful product and I wouldn't be without it.
Misha E. Venter - Bloemfontein, South Africa

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