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Arm and Shoulder Pain
I was recently introduced to's no longer the "curled up in a little ball crying on the floor" pain it used to be...You have given me my life back!
Dags Roy - Lafayette, Louisiana

Knee pain
After a long week of work at my landscaping knees really hurt...This is the only product that gives me fast results, so I can get back to work.
Vince Iannolo - Northridge, California

Neck and finger pain
I work at a computer for long hours...and have developed finger joint and neck pain...I tried NIAVIN and it worked great...I'm one very satisfied customer.
Gerald Conques - Lafayette, Louisiana

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April, 2007 Clinical Trial

Niavin is a clinically proven pain reliever that takes traditional oral and topical pain relief formulas a step forward by working synergistically with the body to deactivate active, pain-causing trigger points. Most people can find these trigger points by feeling for the tender spots in the neck, below the collarbone, upper chest, in front and behind the armpit, and in the ribs below the armpit. Niavin provides relief by releasing painful trigger points and delivering potent, long lasting relief from arthritis, joint pains, muscle strains and everyday aches and pains, while providing strong anti-inflammatory effects in the affected areas.

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Niavin Trigger Point Relief Addresses Pain at Its Source New Topical Formula Provides Pain Relief Alternative
To Prescription and Over-The-Counter Medications

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (August 21, 2007) -- The statistics on pain are, well, painful. Nine in ten Americans report suffering regularly from various physical aches and pains with chronic, debilitating pain found to affect more than 44 million American households*. There is a glut of prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers on the market, but none that target the actual source of the pain by combining the potency of traditional medicine with the therapeutic treatment of trigger point therapy found in the new pain relief formula, NiavinTM Trigger Point Relief.

Niavin is a clinically proven, topical pain medication derived from a propriety blend of absorption enhancing essential oils and aromatherapeutic fragrances shown to be beneficial in treating pain, combined with aspirin-related methyl salicylate (from Oil of Wintergreen). Niavin is a medicinal hybrid, addressing pain synergistically with the body to deactivate pain-causing trigger points, long recognized as a source of pain by the medical community.

Current research indicates the use – and abuse – of pain medications, including the drugs OxyContin and Vicodin have doubled in recent years. Pain sufferers are long overdue for an alternative – a way to address pain at its source, which experts agree is the first step to stopping pain.

Niavin Trigger Point Relief provides pain relief advantages over current treatments
  • Pain relief without a pill – Unlike pills, Niavin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin, lymphatic system and targeted cells. In bypassing the stomach, liver and digestive system, Niavin eliminates the risk of side effects such as irritated stomach lining, upset stomach, bleeding, allergies, addiction or dependence. Topical absorption also maximizes fast, direct delivery of the medication to the targeted areas.
  • Targeted pain relief – Niavin targets pain at the source – the trigger point. Most topical pain relief formulas are applied incorrectly, solely to the skin where the pain is felt but not at the original source of the pain. This method offers only short-term pain relief by distracting from the pain with properties that create a heating or cooling effect or act as counter-irritants without addressing the root cause. With the advantage of trigger point application and absorption enhancing essential oils, Niavin provides more effective pain relief with less medicine.
Most people can find their trigger points by feeling for the hardened, tender spots in the neck, upper chest, below the collarbone, in front and behind of the armpit, and in the ribs below the armpit. When applied to the correct trigger points, Niavin provides pain relief by deactivating and relaxing active trigger points for long lasting relief from arthritis, everyday aches and pains, muscle spasms and joint pains, while reducing inflammation in the affected tissues.

About Niavin
Niavin, (, was developed by Francois Martin, M.D., a California licensed physician and surgeon with a specialty focus in the management of acute and chronic pain for over 30 years.

* The American Pain Foundation and Partners Against Pain®


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